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Group Dental Insurance provides dental coverage for employees and their families. By offering a group plan, you can lower the premiums for the employees and eliminate waiting periods for benefits to begin. Because it is the most requested employee benefit, it is important for your business to offer this coverage.

Dental Insurance is one of the benefits most requested by employees. Many employers provide dental insurance for their employees, but a growing number of employers are offering this as a voluntary benefit that is paid 100% by the employee through payroll deductions.

Typical Coverage

Most dental plans provide full coverage with a 100% benefit for preventative exams and cleanings and an 80% benefit for major services and prosthodontics such as dentures, crowns, etc.

Dental Insurance Carriers

We can sell you a dental plan that requires a minimum of only two employees and that offers annual maximum benefit limits from $1,000–$2,500. Let us customize a dental plan for your group today.

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