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Confused by all the health care reform laws? We are glad to answer any questions and assist you in finding the best plan to fit your healthcare needs.

Individuals who are eligible for Arkansas Works can enroll at any time during the year. However, those not eligible for Arkansas Works must wait until open enrollment which will start again on November 1, 2020, for an effective date of January 1, 2021. Anyone with a qualifying event can enroll during the year within 30 days of losing group coverage. Qualifying events include loss of employment, a birth, death, etc.

Eligibility for Free Healthcare

Consider your total household income and the number of people that you will file on your Federal tax return for 2019. If your total household income falls in the first two columns, you may be eligible for 100% premium subsidy. If your income falls outside the first two columns you may be eligible for a premium subsidy, if you or your spouse don't have access to group health insurance. Please contact our office so that we can determine which plan is best for you.

Note: Federal minimum wage employee working 50 weeks per year, 40 hours per week would earn $14,500.

Unable to Qualify for a Subsidy?

We can assist you with the enrollment in an affordable plan off the exchange. We are the one stop shop for all your health insurance needs.