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The Robbi Davis Agency, Inc. specializes in Medicare Supplements & Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. We personally guide you through this often complicated process to ensure you have the coverage that you need for the long haul.

There Are Two Parts to Medicare Benefits:

Part A: offers some hospital benefits and is free of charge for individuals who have worked and paid into Social Security for a set amount of years.

Part B: offers some coverage at the doctor's office.

Note: The premium for Part B is based on your modified adjusted gross income; however, the majority of individuals will pay the 2020 standard premium of $144.60 per month for this coverage.

Why Are Supplement Plans Necessary?

Neither Part A nor Part B will cover all of your expenses. For this reason, you will want to consider a Medicare Supplement & Drug Plan when you turn age 65 to avoid underwriting or penalties later.

An exception is if you are covered by a group plan…you can waive Part B when you first turn 65 and elect it later when you lose group coverage without a penalty.

Please call Denise Prater for assistance in determining if a Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug Plan are right for you: (501) 954-8100